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Nov 2011 Poet’s Corner

Take time this month to tap into the river of intuition that flows just below the surface of consciousness. Rest easy, knowing that all the answers are already within you. Find stillness and let truth float to the surface. A […]

Dec/Jan 2012 Poet’s Corner

The year closes and we give pause to reflect upon the roads traveled. A new beginning crests on the horizon, an opportunity to move forward with open eyes and a healed heart. Full Revolution by Kimberly Y. Peters Intentions to […]

Poet’s Corner: Flashes Of Love

Some come like lightning… flashes of fierce love to electrify the night bursting at the seam with joy, overflowing with a love so perfect and pure… Some come like thunder crashes of passion rumbling across this fragile life helping us […]

The Poet?s Corner


Infinite Push down to melt your heart into the earth where all good things flower and grow don’t you know you are just waiting to blossom Rise up and reach for the sky lift so high to fly free of […]



STOP Stop and breathe and listen to what’s going on inside Pause and feel and smile from deep within your soul Search and find and follow the path that calls your name Do nothing Be everything Stop moving just … […]

Be Wildly Devoted

A Meditation On Free-Flowing Love From The Radiance Sutras, A New Version Of The Vijnana Bhairava Tantra Love has many splendors and each one is a lot of trouble. Our English word love is related to the Sanskrit lubh, – […]

Chaos & Bliss: A Journey To Happiness


Poems of Love Enduring Love Love comes in many guises, poems, verse and song. Lover knows beloved’s soul is never known… And that paradise is found by sharing the anguish and compassion in their inner homes. Struggling Flowers Rose desperately […]

The Sufi Practice of Dhikr

Remembering Love My first encounter with Sufism was in Pune on the banks of the Mula River, where I used to meditate at the tomb of Saidullbaba, a Sufi mystic. Sitting beside the white marble tomb, draped in green brocade […]

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