About Beth Lapides

Beth Lapides is the creatrix and host of UnCabaret. You may know her from her LA Yoga My Other Car is A Yoga Mat column, as the author of "Did I Wake You, Haiku For Modern Living", from her appearances on Sex & The City, NPR and Comedy Central or from her writing in O Magazine, Elle Decor and Los Angeles Magazine. She teaches her workshop The Comedian's Way privately in LA and annually at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. UnCabaret is her long running comedy show in which she asks the very best comedians working what is going on with you now. The show is known for being uniquely about the present and every Sunday a completely unique experience unfolds. In the past two years Beth has collaborated with Mitch Kaplan, both on the music for her New Agey comedy show "100% Happy 88% of the Time" and at UnCabaret where Mitch is Musical Director. Adding music to the comedy is like adding an out breath to the in, a vowel to the consonant. UnCabaret is intimate, conversation, idiosyncratic and fun intentional.

Arm and Arm

They say follow your bliss but I say follow your pain. Because I’m starting to notice that when I follow my pain, then my bliss follows me. This happened recently with my arm pain. The pain had become so bad that at the end of class, sitting in final cross-legged position, instead of [...]

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Spiritual Haiku

  Spiritual Haiku Eradicating Fear fails. Substituting love for fear is lovely.   Tech support. Household help. Roadside assistance. Life – don’t try it alone.   Fear keeps me awake. Gratitude puts me to sleep. Love says good morning. I'm a spiral girl living in a linear world. Sometimes passing. Haikus by Beth Lapides, from [...]

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Beth Lapides’ 100% Happy 88% Of The Time

Community : Seen & Heard Cha-Ching: Swapping The Mind For A Song Wednesdays Through December 15! Having been hit hard on the head by the Woo Woo Fairy’s weighty wand early on (at birth), I’m already a member of the striving-towards-awakening choir to which Beth Lapides is not really ever preachin’ in her frolicking [...]

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Not Perfect, But Present

My teacher, Erich Schiffmann, said it best, “If you want to push yourself in Yoga, push yourself to show up often.” With a chuckle, he would add “Once you’re there, there’s no need to push yourself. If you do, you get hurt. Then you get mad at Yoga, and it’s not Yoga’s fault. [...]

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A More Perfect Yoga

One of my teachers describes the ultimate expression of a pose to his mostly beginning students with the phrase: In a perfect Yoga world. For instance he might say: In a perfect Yoga world, your head would meet your foot. On good days In a perfect Yoga world helps me see how even [...]

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Down The Habit Hole

Practice Pages : My Other Car Is A Yoga Mat I was lying in final twist, pulling my hip away from my ribs like a good little yogi, when the teacher, who didn’t know my practice that well, came over and gave me an adjustment. My back cracked. His eyes lit up; I could tell he [...]

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My Other Yoga Mat is the Cosmos

Practice Pages : My Other Car Is A Yoga Mat I’m so excited! I’ve made a huge breakthrough in my practice. After only twelve years of determined effort, I have moved on from the first sutra to the second! At this rate I will get through all 195 of Pantanjali’s Sutras by the time I’m 2,340 years [...]

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Water Whirled

I HAVE A MILLION WAYS to avoid a pose: thinking about something else while I’m in it, slipping out of class to pee or judging everyone else’s poses. My favorite way to avoid a pose has always been to slink off my mat for a sip of water. But lately, I’m having a [...]

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Either Orb

A Family Photo Album Sometimes you're born into a family, sometimes you marry into one and sometimes you find your family in a room filled with sweaty headstanders. But whether you are bound by blood, love or belief, family means family photos. Usually the family comes first. But recently I discovered a part [...]

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