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Amy V. Dewhurst is the President of Sense + Color. She has spent more than a decade, building brands, creating content, and ensuring success for projects, and personalities globally. Learn more about her at @sense_and_color

Normandie Keith; Lit From Within

Normandie Keith photographed at her home by Cheryl Fox. Clothing by Lavaloka There are some people who remind you that there’s magic in this world. Beings who shine so bright they can sometimes blind. Normandie Keith, with her long blond braids and thousand-watt smile is one of these people. She has the ability to [...]

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Belinda Carlisle: A Music Legend and Her Newest Album “Wilder Shores”

Belinda Carlisle Photo by Paula Harrowing On a recent Saturday night in downtown Los Angeles, Belinda Carlisle bounced around the stage singing the classics, shaking her tambourine, and seducing a crowd of thousands. As she sauntered off the stage, the audience asked for more. This demand echoed from the front-of-house to backstage, down [...]

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Journey To Center: Paul Teodo

Paul Teodo photographed by David Young-Wolff   In the suburbs of Chicago, a loud, loving Italian family instilled in their sons a love of music, of connection, and a work ethic that allowed them to explore their place in the world. One of the brothers is an insurance adjuster still in the Chicago [...]

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Nahko Bear; It Is Written.

  Nahko Bear photo by Daniel Jung. A story of family origins, music, and activism. From the West, from the North, from the East, from the South, the medicine tribe is gathering. They are rising up in unity, in resilience, and with the intention of creating new paradigms on the planet. They’re a [...]

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Trevor Hall: The River Changes Course

Singer Songwriter and Spiritual Seeker Trevor Hall. Photo by Emory Hall. On a cold New York City night, college students cram into a club to sing, dance and, unbeknownst to them, chant the names of God. It’s a sold-out Trevor Hall show in the city that doesn’t sleep. Between Snapchats and the second [...]

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Teacher Profile: Mandy Ingber

Sharing Strength through Movement and Meditation Mandy Ingber knows something about the experiences that break our hearts, how to find the inner strength that allows us to straddle the chasm of our challenges, and how to move in order to heal the body, the mind, and the emotions. These are lessons she learned the hard [...]

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Township Krishna

Photo by DJ Pierce Kirtan Wallah, Krishna Das' latest album, signifies a new chapter in the chant artist's life. For thousands, the month of September signifies time to head to the desert for the annual pilgrimage to Joshua Tree Retreat Center to chant, practice, and play. The fact that Bhakti Fest is celebrating its [...]

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Antarayaami: Knower of All Hearts

Antarayaami: Knower of All Hearts Nina Rao If you’ve listened to Krishna Das, or interacted with his work in any way including viewing the kirtan history-making 2013 Grammy pre-Award telecast, then you have been affected by Nina Rao. Since 1996, Rao has served as Krishna Das’s assistant, response singer, and kartal player. Additionally, she is [...]

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Shedding Skin with MC Yogi

Reflections on Pilgrimage There was The Beatles’ Sgt Pepper, The Beastie Boys’ Ill Communication, and now there’s is Pilgrimage by MC Yogi. Reaching #1 on the iTunes World Music charts upon release, MC Yogi’s sophomore album dives deeper into self-inquiry, spirituality, and Slick Rick stylings guaranteed to get your non-bhakta brethren break-dancing to the beat. I had [...]

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Mother’s Kitchen: To Love And Serve

Mother’s Kitchen, a division of Mata Amritanandamayi (Amma)’s humanitarian outreach, serves upwards of 72,000 meals each year throughout the country. During Devi Bhava (Amma’s completion of her ceremonial public programs ), I had the unique opportunity to sit (pray and celebrate) with Chetana Williamson, Mother’s Kitchen Los Angeles Primary Co-Coordinator. Chetana’s humility was only outshone [...]

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