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A Return to Ritual: Maui’s Celebration of the Arts

Sacred Ceremonies and Chanting Honor Tradition, Spiritual Healing, and Gratitude at Maui's Celebration of the Arts A line of people make their way to Kapalua’s DT Fleming Beach in the pre-dawn darkness. Despite the silence, there’s a heightened sense of excitement in the air. For some, it’s the first time they’re about to embark on [...]

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Hotel Californian Offers Wellness with A View in Santa Barbara

  Many a yogi’s bucket list includes a trip to Morocco. As luck would have it, there are aspects of Morocco that can now be found in California. No airplane needed. From many locations in SoCal, one can even skip a car in lieu of something more relaxing - an Amtrak train. The destination: Santa [...]

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Relax and Set Intentions with a Spa Holiday

Red Mountain Resort Yoga and Hiking Recharge with a Spa Holiday There’s no denying it – the holidays are here. As much as the world is filled with revelry and good cheer, accomplishing this often comes at the expense of tension, stress, and fatigue. Maybe the holidays are also a time for a [...]

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Catalina: An Island Retreat for Yogis

  As any good yogi will attest, taking a yoga practice on the road brings with it a whole new sense of enlightenment. Yoga retreats in exotic locales abound. The price tag for such a getaway, though, may seem daunting. So when we heard about the one-day Yoga/Hike collaboration between REI and Catalina Island, our [...]

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How to Choose a Yoga Retreat

A yoga retreat involves connecting with the people on your trip. Photo of Kate Hinkens and Ellette Crawford by David Young-Wolff Once upon a time there was a person referred to as a travel agent. Not only would they book the best routes and times for journeys, they knew exactly what information would [...]

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