About Beth Shaw

Beth Shaw C-IAYT is the founder of YogaFit and the author of Healing Trauma with Yoga. Healing Trauma with Yoga combines a discussion of trauma from the perspective of modern neuroscience with empowering teachings from yoga philosophy and yoga practice. In the book,13 people share their inspiring stories of how yoga is an essential component of their own path of learning to heal and thrive. Order the book and learn more at: bethshaw.com.

From Surviving to Thriving: Healing Trauma with Yoga

Beth Shaw photo by David Young-Wolff We don’t need to look far to see that as a society we are suffering—just look at increasing rates of mass shootings, homelessness, addiction, and suicide. For many, trauma is part of the root cause of this suffering and we have learned that untreated trauma has lasting [...]

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Facts, Myths, and Benefits of Adopting a Rescue Dog

“He's really unafraid for a rescue dog.”  "He's very well behaved for a rescue dog.”   "Really – you got a purebred dog from a rescue group?" I have a rescue dog and I get very tired of how often I hear these statements. What upsets me even more is so-called “conscious" people and yogis [...]

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Heart of the Universe

Heart of the Universe Snatam Kaur and Peter Kater When I first learned about the Snatam Kaur and Peter Kater release, Heart of the Universe, I couldn’t wait to listen. For years, I've long been a fan of both these unique artists. Peter Kater is a multi-platinum Grammy-nominated composer, songwriter, and pianist whose recording Essence [...]

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Seva: Kundalini Rising for Miri Piri Academy

Snatam Kaur shares her experiences At the age of 18, few young people dream about a trip to India. But chant artist Snatam Kaur did just that, spending six months as a teaching assistant at Miri Piri Academy, the residential children’s school in India founded on the principles of education taught by Yogi Bhajan. Snatam [...]

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Relax To Perform

The Importance of Resting and Breathing Fitness buffs and everyday gym-goers often work out with the mindset of “more is more.” Many Type-A people who attend yoga classes are often seen leaving before final relaxation (savasana), stripping themselves of the most important part of the overall experience. Savasana is the gold nugget, the eye in [...]

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