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Dale Nieli

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Dale Nieli MSW, C-IAYT, CHT has a powerful gift for helping people discover sources of pain and stress, whether the source is physical, emotional, or spiritual. She is a compassionate transformational guide for people when they are in crisis points in their lives. Dale is skilled at facilitation with people at all stages of recovery, from those who are beginning their own path to those deepening their long-term sobriety. Her work allows people to release patterns of long-held tension that become lodged in the body, holding them back and often leading to symptoms such as fatigue, sleeplessness, and anxiety. Dale helps people remove these barriers to health in order to experience increased energy, enjoy sound sleep, and to feel peaceful, more at ease, and even full of joy. In her work one-on-one and in groups, Dale uses her intuitive skills to help people integrate body, mind, and spirit in order to actualize their full potential. Some of the interconnected techniques she uses include the therapeutic application of yoga, trauma release work, somatic experiencing, vagus nerve regulation, psychoneuroenergetics, sound healing, user-friendly mindfulness meditation, aromatherapy, hypnotherapy and affirmations, pressure points and hands-on healing, breath training, therapeutic movement, energy work, intuitive healing, and mind-body fitness.

The Yogi Code by Yogi Cameron

  Yogi Cameron’s new book The Yogi Code is an inspirational guidepost for beginners as well as experienced practitioners. Cameron has condensed many of the ancient sacred teachings into a practical daily guide that is relevant for our modern and often urban lives. He identifies a sequential practice into seven universal laws of infinite success. [...]

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Teaching Yoga One on One DVD

Teaching Yoga One on One DVD with Julie Carmen Years ago, a friend invited me to take a yoga class with Julie Carmen at Exhale in Venice since we were both yoga teachers and actors as well as mental health professionals. I went in not knowing what to expect, and left feeling both exhilarated and [...]

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A Conversation with Richard Miller

A Conversation with Richard Miller about Consciousness, Meditation, and the Rejuvenation found through iRest and Yoga Nidra By Dale Nieli During the first workshop I ever took with Richard Miller, I entered a state of consciousness that I had never before experienced. Having known Richard both personally and professionally throughout the years, I can tell [...]

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Yogi Cameron – A Model Guru

I love Yogi Cameron. There, I said it. In fact, I love him so much that I deleted my favorite episodes of Law and Order SVU on my DVR so that I could fill it up with more episodes of A Model Guru, his reality show produced by Veria Living Network. In each episode, he [...]

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Cross-Training Yoga for Hikers

Walking is one of the best forms of low-impact cardiovascular exercise we can do on a regular basis. The hiking trails found throughout Southern California offer numerous opportunities both scenic and challenging to stretch out our legs and take a hike. In order to keep your hiking legs limber for the next trip out on [...]

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