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Dani Katz is an LA-based writer, artist and Quantum Languaging coach/consultant. Also, a recovering Type A Ashtangi: danikatz.com

The Power of Language

How your words can either empower or disempower you The subconscious mind is getting a lot of buzz these days. The folks leading the personal development/human potential movements have honed in on it as the method behind our proverbial madness (i.e. how and why humans operate the way we do). You see, the subconscious mind [...]

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The Art of Digesting The Gene Keys

Illustration by Dani Katz Digesting Big Ideas in Small Bites with The Gene Keys As a wide-eyed, frothy-faced Gene Keys devotee for almost a decade, you’d think a simple question like: What are the Gene Keys? wouldn’t stymie me as much as it does. You’d think. Inhale…exhale…repeat. Here goes… For starters, it’s a [...]

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It Takes A Village: the Interdependence of Healing

The Interdependence of Individual Healing One night I went to bed healthy and strong. Then I woke up in the wee hours of the morning in inexplicable agony, crooked and folded in on myself, my spine screaming in cosmic tongues of ancient rage, my left arm curiously immobile. This was two years ago, when an [...]

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