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Dani Katz is an LA-based writer, artist and Quantum Languaging coach/consultant. Also, a recovering Type A Ashtangi: danikatz.com

The Power of Language

How your words can either empower or disempower you The subconscious mind is getting a lot of buzz these days. The folks leading the personal development/human potential movements have honed in on it as the method behind our proverbial madness (i.e. how and why humans operate the way we do). You see, the subconscious mind [...]

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The Art of Digesting The Gene Keys

Illustration by Dani Katz Digesting Big Ideas in Small Bites with The Gene Keys As a wide-eyed, frothy-faced Gene Keys devotee for almost a decade, you’d think a simple question like: What are the Gene Keys? wouldn’t stymie me as much as it does. You’d think. Inhale…exhale…repeat. Here goes… For starters, it’s a [...]

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