About Dearbhla Kelly

Dearbhla Kelly is Los Angeles-based writer and yoga teacher, she leads workshops and retreats worldwide.

Plasticity and the Power of Affirmations

"What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life tomorrow: our life is the creation of our mind." Buddha   Do you think affirmations are new-agey and trite? I mean, really, as if, “I am the very source of abundance and love itself” taped on your mirror [...]

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The Healing Art Of Kalari

The Grace Of Oil Massage On Straw Mats Awakens The Circulation Of Prana Nearly naked, sitting a straw mat in a sparsely furnished room in Kannur, Kerala, simultaneously vulnerable, curious and expectant, I waited for my first treatment session to begin. I had traveled half-way around the world to Kerala to receive Kalari treatment, the [...]

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Karma Is Chemistry

Finding Bliss Through Community And Chant Saturday, 11:45 P.M., the Pod nightclub, Dublin. It’s been twenty-five minutes since my boyfriend and I dropped E and washed it down with Bacardi and Coke before switching to water (alcohol dilutes E’s clean high). We’re waiting to “come up,” we’re waiting for the high to kick in. We [...]

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