About Ingrid Yang

Dr. Ingrid Yang, M.D., J.D., E-RYT500, C-IAYT, is a physician, certified yoga therapist, Reiki master and an advisory board member at wellness company obVus Solutions, where she contributes her expertise to the breathing exercises featured in the minder® posture corrector + breathing coach app. When not practicing medicine, Dr. Yang leads yoga trainings and retreats all over the world, with a special focus on kinesthetic physiology and healing through posture modification, breathwork, meditation and mind-body connection. Dr. Yang has authored two books: Hatha Yoga Asanas and her latest release, Adaptive Yoga, published in November 2020.

Yoga for the Warrior Heart: Archery Inspired Yoga

Archery Inspired Yoga: Connecting to the Heart Looking for a way to soften your heart and ignite your warrior’s courage? This archery inspired yoga sequence will help you get there. Practicing Beyond Your Comfort Zone If you live in Los Angeles, you’ve heard of Terranea, the coastal resort considered the gem of Palos Verdes. Terranea [...]

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9 Valentine’s Gift Ideas For Your Yoga Man

Tips for Gift-Giving Celebrating love is always a welcome practice in yoga, but can sometimes be forgotten in the hustle and bustle of life. For those of us whose love language includes gift-giving, it can be challenging finding the right present to show your affection to your significant other. So, to make it easier on [...]

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The Mindful Yoga Journey of Dr. Ingrid Yang

Dr Ingrid Yang Photo by Bhadri Kubendran Sharing a Mindful Yoga Journey as a Mindful Life Journey The path to a meaningful life is far from straight and narrow. My professional career began as a stressed-out prelaw student-then-attorney, before I made the career leap to yoga teacher/studio owner in my mindful yoga journey. [...]

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