About Tiffany Paige

As an advocate for sustainable living for over a decade, "Green With Tiffany" has been my purpose, my platform, and now my podcast. Regenerative agriculture is a positive solution to so many challenges our environment faces. The film made me feel inspired and hopeful. Check out the Green With Tiffany Podcast and website: greenwithtiffany.com

The Seed Has Been Planted for “Common Ground” – The Future Is Regenerative Farming

Common Ground: This Inspiring Documentary Shares the Future of Regenerative Farming In the heart of the agricultural revolution, a quiet yet powerful movement is reshaping the landscape of farming – regenerative agriculture. This movement is brilliantly depicted in the new documentary, "Common Ground," a must-see follow-up to the hit "Kiss the Ground," which touched over [...]

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Creating Food Security through Urban Gardening

  Nicole Landers at Community Healing Gardens Women Changing the Landscape of Our Cities “Every patch of soil is an opportunity to grow food,” says Community Healing Gardens Co-Founder Nicole Landers. In the greater Los Angeles area, where the 365-day-a-year growing season means that there are abundant opportunities for everyone to be an [...]

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