About Jocelyn Solomon

Jocelyn Solomon is a yoga teacher for YogaWorks and Equinox in Los Angeles, as well as life and sober coach, and co-founder of Shinetribe (shinetribemovement.com), a community committed to becoming more brilliant and bold together. She can be found on Instagram @jocelynsolomonyoga, Facebook at Jocelyn Denison Solomon or on her website at jocelynsolomonyoga.com.

Yoga for Runners: The Mindful Marathoner

Jocelyn Solomon photographed by David Young-Wolff. Mat by Kharma Khare. Clothing by Spirit Activewear I had already logged nearly a lifetime of running fairly long distances and more than two decades of yoga practice when I ran my first marathon at the age of 42. Running was a coping skill I adopted as [...]

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Cowabhujangasana!? Yoga for Surfers

Ujayii, the breath at the heart of most yoga asana practice, is oceanic in quality. Smooth, consistent, steady, audible. Teachers often instruct students to ride the breath like a wave, allowing the inhales and exhales to smoothly roll off one another as though they were waves in the ocean. While both the surf and yoga [...]

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