About Julian Walker

Julian Walker is a yoga and meditation teacher, bodyworker and ecstatic dance facilitator in LA. He is co-founder of the Awakened Heart, Embodied Mind yoga teacher training: ahemyogateachertraining.com.

Come As You Are

Cultivate Awareness in Yoga to Encourage Healing from Trauma Julian Walker When I took my first yoga class at Ana Forrest’s Santa Monica studio in 1992, I was quite proud of my straddle splits. I had been working with my genetically inflexible body for the previous three years in a home practice sourced from a [...]

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Science and The Sacred: Mirrors Of Compassion

While teaching a workshop recently, I tried something I had never done before: I demonstrated a sequence without speaking a word. In the hushed movement of our shared breath, the participants observed my modified sun salutation and organized themselves into pairs to take turns witnessing one another. I was hoping to engage a recently identified [...]

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