About Kara Wily

Kara Wily is a Pilates teacher at Hummingbird Pilates in Beverly Hills (hummingbirdpilates.com).  She is also a contributor to pilatesology.com and PilatesAnytimes.com.

Supporting Yoga Practice Through Pilates Mat Work

Pilates: Supporting yoga practice through Pilates mat work Much like yoga, Pilates is a practice that over the course of years of study can help you connect on a deeper levels to your body through movement.  The two disciplines can work together well for this reason.  Even though the two practices share some common foundations, there [...]

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Pilates for Snowboarders

The freedom, peace, and energy that I experience in my body through Pilates, I also find in mountain vistas. While shaping, controlling, and physically training my mind has allowed me to find beauty in everyday Los Angeles, given the chance to skip town and head for the peaks, I will gladly trade in my reformer [...]

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