Kayoko Mitsumatsu

About Kayoko Mitsumatsu

Kayoko Mitsumatsu is a documentary filmmaker and avid yoga practitioner. She is the Founder and Executive Director of Yoga Gives Back: yogagivesback.org.

Yoga Gives Back: Can Empowering Women Save Lives?

  Addressing the tragedies of rape and suicide among young girls in West Bengal, India In the past twelve years, Yoga Gives Back has shared numerous uplifting stories of transformation. Thanks to our growing global yoga community’s support, Yoga Gives Back has helped to empower more than 1,300 underserved women and children with micro-loan programs [...]

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The Impact of Yoga Gives Back

Yoga Gives Back Ambassadors Visit India Visiting India to see change in action. “Why is there no yoga class that gives back to India?” Eleven years ago, I asked this simple question of yoga teachers, studio owners, and yogi friends. There were many charity yoga classes for HIV patients, cancer survivors, animal rescues, [...]

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