About Lisa Avebury

Lisa Avebury CMT is a massage therapist who has been practicing in Southern California since 1995. She is nationally certified by the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards and is also a yoga instructor, meditation guide, sound healer, and wellness consultant. When she’s not busy working with her private and corporate clients she loves doing anything to help the plight of dogs in need everywhere: www.circleseeker.com

5 Tips to Support Your Massage Treatment

Receive the Most Benefits from Your Massage The best massages often include preparation. These expert tips help you receive the greatest benefits during and after your massage treatment. 1. Just Show Up The most important thing to do to get ready for a treatment is to just show up. Don’t allow anything to override this [...]

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Guide to Popular Massage Modalities

What to Know When Choosing  a Massage When you're looking at a spa menu or choosing how to spend your time on the massage table, it can be helpful to understand more about some of the different popular massage techniques and modalities. Here is our guide with the info: Swedish Massage This technique includes long [...]

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How to Schedule A Successful Massage

Expert Tips on Successful Massage: Making Therapeutic Choices Massage is one of the remedies available to us for many of the challenges of the modern world. Even in a single session, we can experience appreciable reductions in stress hormones, improvement in immune system function, and better overall resilience. Successful massage therapy helps us cope. And [...]

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