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Reviewed by Leanne Wood; Yoga Music Aficionada at Bliss Bubble Radio and Bliss-Chasing Blogger at www.BlissBubble.com. Prior to this, Leanne was the founding manager of the mantra rock band, Larisa Stow & Shakti Tribe, the founder and director of the non-profit project The Shakti Tribe Foundation which offered empowering peace concert programs in jails, prison and halfway houses and was the co-founder of the ground-breaking “Yoga for your Ears” internet radio station Sacred Sounds Radio. She is currently working on her Eat, Pray, Love meets Almost Famous memoir, which chronicles her often surreal life on the road with a yoga band on the rise and the lessons learned in the bargain.

DEVA by Deva Premal

DEVA DEVA arrives in a full-circle moment of glory 20 years after Deva Premal’s emergence on the music scene with the widely-played and shared “Gayatri Mantra” track off her 1998 debut release, The Essence. Her new album, DEVA, is perfect for yoga, meditation, and any time you need a respite from life’s hectic pace. The [...]

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Awaken Me By Kimberly Haynes

The first album by singer/songwriter Kimberly Haynes is a richly produced, genre-crossing collection of uplifting poetry put to song. I was pleasantly surprised to find she avoids the cliché of syrupy sweet “life-is-but-a-dream” lyrics I too often find in New Thought music. Her offerings reveal an authentic wisdom and depth earned from the highs and [...]

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Music Review: Living Waters

  Musicians Benjy and Heather Wertheimer, also known as Shantala, partners in life, love, and music, recently released their latest album Living Waters. Finished in the wake of their maiden voyage to India, it’s a mantra-infused, meditative plunge for the spirit. The instrumentation and vocals are masterfully performed, captured, and mixed to create a sonic [...]

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