About Marina Muhlfriedel

Marina Muhlfriedel is a native Angeleno and self-described creative omnivore with extensive experience as a writer, film producer, and musician. She serves as Communications Administrator for the Tai Chi Foundation, teaches Mindfulness Meditation to at-risk populations, and is a senior teacher at Club Kundalini, having begun her spiritual journey in high school as a student of Yogi Bhajan.

Music and Mantra as Medicine – The Healing Joy of Snatam Kaur’s New Songs and U.S. Tour Dates

Music and Mantra as a Source of Strength Sometimes life’s most challenging moments gift us insight into how our spiritual practices hold and heal us when we need them most. At a time when world-renowned, Grammy-nominated devotional singer, touring musician, and teacher Snatam Kaur is creatively flourishing, she is also helping to care for her [...]

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Yoga Soundtracks Volume 2, a Lushly Uplifting New Album from Johanna Beekman and Ben Leinbach

Meeting of the Spirits to Create Yoga Soundtracks Singing yoga teacher and festival favorite Johanna Beekman first met Grammy-nominated producer and multi-instrumentalist Ben Leinbach a decade ago when they were introduced by fellow yogic musician Benjy Wertheimer. Each with a passion for integrating multicultural influences, the pair developed an artistic synergy that enriches their collaborations [...]

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Snatam Kaur Shares Healing Music on Nirankaar

Creating Healing Music Around the World Since the 2001 release of her first solo album, Prem, Grammy-nominated devotional singer Snatam Kaur has inspired countless people with the stirring silken quality of her voice, the gentle wisdom of her writing and teaching, and her uniquely radiant presence. Healing Mantras on Nirankaar Her 16th major album, Nirankaar, [...]

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Love of Mantra Shines through in Snatam Kaur’s Akaal

  Snatam Kaur debuts “Akaal” —an exquisite first single from her new album Nirankaar Celebrated devotional singer Snatam Kaur’s latest release, “Akaal,” comes out March 4 and is the first single from her long-awaited new album, Nirankaar. The track is a heart-expanding rendition of the sacred Sikh mantra sung with all the radiant light Snatam, [...]

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