About Mito Aviles

Mito Aviles is a seasoned designer based in West Hollywood with over a decade of design/styling experience. He considers himself an artistic entrepreneur lending his talents to different publications. Instagram: @mistertreat 

Skincare for Men

Why not ditch the tie this year?  Father’s Day Wellness Gifts: Skincare for Men When choosing personal care items to use after hot yoga, a session at the gym, or just for everyday cleanliness, read labels carefully. Choose grooming products that nourish the skin rather than leave a harmful residue on the surface of our [...]

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Teacher Profile: Bizzie Gold

Bizzie Gold: A leap of faith inspires an empowered tribe BUTI Yoga “The cure to something hidden or kept secret,” is the translation of the Marathi word “Buti.” This is the name dynamic trainer, fitness maven, and mother of two Bizzie Gold has given to her creative brainchild, Buti Yoga, the invigorating style she and her [...]

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Its 9:30am on a Wednesday morning as I make my way into the class of a yoga teacher who aficionados say can transform outlooks and, more profoundly, lives. As I enter Aura Yoga Studio in West Hollywood, I can feel the pulse and the heart in the room. As I enter the space, my ears are welcomed by, “I [...]

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