About Martha Soffer

Martha Soffer is an acclaimed Ayurvedic Therapist and Chef, a Panchakarma and Marma Specialist, and an Herbalized Oil and Ghee Artisan. Surya Spa, her traditional Ayurvedic clinic in Pacific Palisades, offers consultations, marma therapy, nasya, shirodhara and swedhana treatments, with a focus on individualized Panchakarma series, ranging from three to twenty one days: (310) 459 - 7715;

The Nurturing Ayurvedic Practice Of Baby Massage

Touch Provides Calm To Mother And Baby Modern obstetrical care emphasizes pregnancy, labor and delivery, but gives less attention to the mother and baby after birth. Ayurveda, on the other hand, considers the six weeks after birth to be a precious opportunity. New mothers need time, attention and rest. After the strain of birth, the [...]

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