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Natalie D-Napoleon is a yogi, songwriter and writer from Fremantle, Australia who now lives in California. She has an MA in Writing and works as a Coordinator at a Community College Writing Center. Her writing has appeared in Entropy, Australian Poetry Journal, LA Yoga and Writer's Digest. In 2018 she won the Bruce Dawe National Poetry Prize (Australia).

The Whole of the Moon: A Review of On Being Human by Jennifer Pastiloff

Jennifer Pastiloff Shares What it Really Means to Be Human In On Being Human: A Memoir of Waking Up, Living Real, and Listening Hard, Jennifer Pastiloff tells the story of how she went from thirteen years of waitressing to facilitating yoga and writing retreats in exotic locations throughout the world. Pastiloff has transformed a love [...]

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The Gaviota Coast

The Last Jewel of Southern California On a crisp spring morning, photographer Brett Leigh Dicks and I set out to document the diverse environment and open expanse of the Gaviota Coast. Arriving at Refugio State Beach just after sunrise, we encountered children playing where a chilly creek flowed into the ocean, flocks of sea birds [...]

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Shaken To The Core

Exploring The Healing Effects Of The Gong’s Resonating Sounds THE POWERFUL VIBRATION OF THE GONG ripples through the air. The succession of sound waves progressively excites each and every cell of the body before gently allowing them to rest. Chinese gong makers kept its metallic composition secret, so the instrument has long had a sense [...]

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A Couple Goes on Retreat

Remembering To Breathe. Two hurdles prevent my giving yoga the consideration it deserves: time and my brain. In juggling work and deadlines, my personal time often suffers. As a result, the Wednesday night and Saturday morning yoga sessions my friend teaches never quite eventuate. So my LA YOGA editor and partner Natalie joined forces to [...]

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Beyond The Pole: The Sensuality of Pole Dancing

Discovering Sensuality One Woman At A Time The traditional image of pole dancing involves scantily clad women, dollar bills and sleazy bars. But there is another view; committed groups of pole and sensual dance enthusiasts are changing that image and reclaiming the rightful place of empowered feminine sexuality in motion one woman at [...]

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