Natalie Macam

Natalie Macam

About Natalie Macam

Natalie Macam is a Yoga Teacher who teaches locally in Los Angeles:

Black Dog Yoga

Black Dog Yoga studio welcomes new teachers and a fresh perspective for the yoga community. Often, independently owned studios go through transitions and one of the latest in the city is the change in ownership at Black Dog Yoga in Sherman Oaks. Steve and Shirley O’Connor first opened the studio in the Valley in 2002. [...]

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Support the Ability of Yoga to UPLIFT!

UPLIFT Yoga Bash and the mission of sharing mindfulness with youth We’re all looking for ways to uplift our lives and if we’re lucky, we are introduced to the tools and practices that promote health and wellness in all areas of our lives. If we’re really lucky, we’re introduced to yoga and mindfulness as early [...]

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CD Review: Igniting the Beauty

Brenda McMorrow White Swan Records  Brenda McMorrow’s Igniting the Beauty captures the sweetness of the sacred sound experience. The title itself speaks to the unique beauty we all embody, the beauty that ignites our heart fire when we chant and sing mantras. Igniting the Beauty has a variety of moods and feelings. Brenda approaches “Ganesha [...]

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