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Natalie Macam is a Yoga Teacher who teaches locally in Los Angeles:

Amethyst by J Brave

J Brave is most widely known as one of the vocalists from the conscious hip hop band Luminaries; Amethyst is his first solo project. Amethyst is a sincere expression of J Brave’s mission to spread messages of peace, love, and unity through the vehicle of hip hop music. The album’s name is inspired by the [...]

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SunLife Organics Expands beyond Malibu

Khalil Rafati (pictured, above), one of the Founders of SunLife Organics says, “In 2011, my partner Hayley and I opened the doors to the first SunLife Organics in Malibu, California with a simple mission: to love, heal and inspire” SunLife Organics has opened two new locations—in Pasadena and Manhattan Beach— to help share the remarkable [...]

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New Beginnings at Goda Yoga in Culver City

Nathania Stambouli at Goda Yoga Goda Yoga in Culver City first opened its doors 15 years ago in 2001 and has recently transitioned to new ownership. Nathania Stambouli is now the new owner and her personal story of desk job to yoga teacher studio owner in one year has been an inspiration to [...]

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Happy Baby Family Studio in El Segundo

Happy Baby family studio co-founders Erin Fagerlind and Brandi Sharkey wanted to provide for the needs of young families and parents-to-be in El Segundo and its neighboring communities. The studio gives the community a space for mindful parenting and a range of offerings, including yoga, to support the entire family. Following the birth of her [...]

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A Year of Living Mindfully book review

Randi Ragan gives readers a new sense of purpose in her book, A Year of Living Mindfully.  As someone who has always felt the deepest peace when immersed in nature and found beauty in considering everyday actions as divine rituals, this book had me at the first page. At its heart, A Year of Living [...]

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30Fifteen Studio opens in Venice

30Fifteen Studio wellness center provides yoga, Reiki, massage therapy and other conscious offerings in Venice.  The 30Fifteen Studio is nestled in a residential neighborhood in Venice. The studio was founded by UK native Emily Tonkin, who came to the US in 2014 to share her tennis wear apparel line "30Fifteen".  Named for the tennis score where [...]

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New Moon Wellness Agoura Hills

New Moon Wellness offers Healing in Agoura Hills Walking through the door of New Moon Wellness is like entering a cozy living room. The warm wood floors and inviting sofas set a tone suitable for owner Andrea Gootnick's vision to create a holistic community center. Andrea is an activist, life coach, and 26 year resident [...]

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Love Yoga Venice

Montauk, New York may be thousands of miles away from Venice, California, but there’s an ethos that connects the two coastal communities—a love of sea and surf culture. Now there’s another connection: Love Yoga studios in both towns. Love Yoga in Montauk was founded in 2010 by Sian Gordon and Jeff Schwarz. They’ve had their [...]

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Goorus Yoga Studio opens in Pacific Palisades

  The intention of the space behind the name, Goorus (think Guru) is a remembrance of the heart teacher in us all. Goorus Yoga is the only dedicated yoga studio in Pacific Palisades, believe it or not. Husband and wife team Gretchen and John Lightfoot didn’t plan on opening a yoga studio. But after news [...]

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Rising Lotus Yoga Studio Opening

Rising Lotus Yoga Studio opens its renovated doors in Sherman Oaks. For nearly a decade, Rising Lotus Yoga has been serving the Valley community for nearly a decade. After months of renovations, this large independent community now has an even larger location to call home. When Claire Hartley and Daniel Stewart decided to open a [...]

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