About Natiya Guin

Dr. Natiya Guin is a family medicine doctor and safe skin leader who enjoys healing skin from within, increasing client self-confidence, and magnifying whole person health outcomes. Deep Living Skincare by Dr. Natiya Her vegan, organic line by Deep Living is founded on the belief that skincare should not only be healing, it should be safe. Her products are designed for all ages and are designed to be shared with the whole family. Photos in article and meditation by Dr. Natiya Guin Testimony about the author: Dr Natiya is an amazing naturopathic doctor, who will guide and nurture you in discovering health, expressing your creativity and support you in seeing your magnificence. -Dr. Moira Fitzpatrick

How Nature Supports Wellness

  Nature Supports Wellness through Living in Rhythm: A Conversation with Desi Bartlett Time in nature supports wellness in so many ways. As a Naturopathic Doctor, I talk with my patients often about the importance of being in nature for healing, and I love the following quote by Hippocrates, "Nature Itself is the best physician." [...]

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Holiday Hydration: Healthy Skin from Within

Natiya Guin and daughter on the beach. Photo by Katee Grace. https://www.kateegrace.com/contact 5 Tips for How to Have Healthy Skin from Within Holiday traditions that we love range from sipping on warm spiked cider, enjoying fresh-baked sugar cookies, and taking long walks in the windy, brisk, even snowy air. With these winter wonders [...]

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Namaste In Nature: Benefits of Time Outdoors

Photo by Brooke Ziegler Connecting to Health through Time Outdoors In many ways, getting out of the studio and into nature during the Covid-19 pandemic have unintentionally deepened our yoga practice, our connections to each other, and our connections to the earth. As a naturopathic doctor, there a number of benefits I see [...]

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Yoga Practices to Increase Awareness of the 5 Senses

Desi Barlett and Natiya Guin share practices to increase awareness of the 5 senses. Yoga Connects us to the 5 Senses There are so many ways we can increase our awareness of the 5 senses and our sensuality throughout the day. These can include yoga practice, mindfulness, meditation, how we eat, and how [...]

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