Robert and Melanie Sachs


About Robert and Melanie Sachs

MELANIE SACHS has worked steadily over the last 25 years pioneering the integrating of Tibetan and Indian Ayurvedic wellness techniques into the spa and beauty industry. She is the author of Ayurvedic Beauty Care and coauthor of Ayurvedic Spa. Together with her husband, Robert, she runs Diamond Way Ayurveda which provides education and spa products to both the general public and spa professionals.

Ayurvedic Secrets for Daily Well-Being

  Ayurvedic Secrets Using Oil Being well is a daily practice that requires regular maintenance to our body, mind, heart, and spirit. Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine are best known for their use of herbal remedies and body therapies based on a thorough understanding of the chakra grid, acupuncture meridian systems, and subtle, but dynamic, [...]

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Ayurveda Q & A

Q. I’ve heard a lot about sesame oil and its benefits in Ayurveda. Why is it used so much and how can I incorporate sesame oil in my daily life? A. Sesame oil comes from the tiny oval shaped sesame seed (Sesamun indicum); we all are familiar with this seed that sits on top of the [...]

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