About Sarit Rogers

Sarit Rogers is a photographer, yoga teacher, writer, and founder of the LoveMore Movement, who is a Somatic Experiencing™ Practitioner. She is also a contributor in the anthology Yoga Rising, by Melanie Klein: saritphotography.com. saritzrogers.com

Packing for Travel and Retreats

The Pure Bag is an antimicrobial solution for packing for every occasion. Photography and styling by Sarit Rogers. Fun and Functional Travel & Retreat Fundamentals When you’re getting ready for your next retreat or vacation, selecting a few quintessential practice solutions can help you enjoy your experience. Check out these selects to support [...]

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Hala Khouri: Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher offers Permission to Play and Be Present

Hala Khouri photographed by Sarit Rogers   Every time Hala Khouri leads her online or in-person trauma-informed trainings designed to inform and empower yoga teachers and clinicians to recognize the various ways in which trauma appear in the body, she assures her students, “The wound is the gift. And the gift is the [...]

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