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Szilvia Gogh is a Professional Scuba Diver, Stuntwoman, Yogi and Jewelry Designer: Learn about female scuba enthusiasts: View Szilvia’s inspirational jewelry:

10 Ways to Support People with Cancer

Photo of Szilvia Gogh by David Young-Wolff.   In my own cancer journey, I found that the support from family and friends was invaluable. We all want to be that supportive person, yet there are times when we may not know what to do or say. Here are some suggestions informed by my [...]

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Breast Cancer, A Journey of Strength

Photo of Szilvia Gogh by David Young-Wolff. I did not choose to have breast cancer. However, the choice I do have is how to go through my journey. I could have been depressed when hearing the news. After all, I had a horrible year leading up to my diagnosis. All in one year: [...]

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