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ZOE HELENE is a cultural activist who is unyielding in her fight for the rights of women, wilderness, wildlife, and sacred plants. She is the founder of Cosmic Sister, an eco-feminist educational advocacy group championing women’s healing, self-liberation, and empowerment through legal work with nature’s most profound medicines, including cannabis, ayahuasca, peyote, and psilocybin. (@CosmicSister)

High Relationship: Connecting Cannabis and Yoga

Chioma Nwosu photographed by Jeff Skeirik/Rawtographer at Radha Yoga LA Cannabis Liberation and the Spirit of Yoga, Meditation and Journeying Cannabis is a sacred plant. In ethnobotany, the study of the relationship between plants and people, the plants and fungi we call sacred have psychoactive or psychedelic properties. Through altered states of consciousness, [...]

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Love, Loss, and Aliens: The Art of Martina Hoffmann

Universal Mother by Martina Hoffmann Visionary artist Martina Hoffmann describes her paintings and sculptures as “subtle reflections on the nature of women in a realistic style that marries the fantastic to the sacred.” Her art creates a visual language that reflects universal consciousness. “My work is an attempt to portray consciousness and love [...]

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Sex + Setting: Friends don’t Let Friends Sleep with Shamans

Klara Souklava first traveled to the Amazon to experience ayahuasca ceremonies with hopes of healing deep wounds from her past. She had issues of self-love, trust issues with men, and the trauma of a rape to work through. Souklava dove deep, working with three male shamans whom she trusted implicitly at the time. She now [...]

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Sacred Plant Visionaries Converge in the City of Angels

Cosmic Sister Zoe Helene Interviews Visionary Convergence Producer Sita Sitaramaya Visionary Convergence in Los Angeles, September 25 – 27, 2015, at the Big Art Church in Hollywood, visit plantteachers.com or #VisionaryConvergence for more information.  Sitaramaya by Tracey Eller I first met plant teacher and shamanic practitioner Sitaramaya Sita at the now legendary Amazon Convergence [...]

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