10 SuperStar Superfoods

How can we be our healthiest and most peaceful self and to be a true contribution to our community and the world? By beginning within. The abundance of nature’s pharmacopeia is fast becoming a cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle, as more and more people embrace Hippocrates’ axiom, “Let thy medicine be thy food.” Aside from bulking [...]

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Snack Smart: Maximize Your Child’s Nutrition

For families who choose fresh, local, and organic whole foods, kids’ snacking can easily derail all healthful good intentions. The market is inundated with prepackaged snacks for kids—usually filled with toxic ingredients like food coloring, added preservatives, and excessive amounts of sugar. Don’t fall prey to a snack attack! Use these great “snack smart” ideas [...]

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Superfood, Spice, and Everything Nice

“Everything old is new again” is popular, especially when it comes to nutrition and wellness. Every awesome “new” superfood, meditation technique, or healing modality, is something that ancient cultures have been using for hundreds, even thousands, of years. With the myriad challenges that modern life presents, it’s more important than ever to experiment with these [...]

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Fennel for your Backyard Parties and Patriotic Celebrations

Fennel is one of the quintessential scents, flavors, and foods characteristic of California’s Mediterranean climate. While it is a frequent ingredient favored by Italian, Mediterranean, and modern California cuisine, it is often overlooked by Americans even though the vegetable can often be seen growing wild on along roadsides, or on hillside habitats above the waves, [...]

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Your Juicing Questions Answered!

Juice It Up! was founded in 1995 and since that time Juice It Up! has been bringing fresh squeezed juices and handcrafted smoothies to communities everywhere.  Juice It Up! has grown to nearly 80 outlets operating in full scale retail stores, malls, kiosks, and college campus settings.   They make drinks for the discerning consumer wanting [...]

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Manchego Baked Figs Recipe

Fig season in California starts mid-May and runs through October. Delicate, delicious, and extremely perishable, fresh figs are best eaten within a few days of procurement, but can be stored in the refrigerator on a plate under paper towels for two to three days. According to The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods by Michael Murray, figs [...]

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A Healthy Pizza Topping with Carrot Tops

Carrots are harvested nearly all year long in Southern California. I often accumulate an abundance of them from my Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) box and run out of ideas for what to do with them. As a member of the parsley family, the carrot tops have cleansing benefits along with being a rich source of [...]

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Heart-Warming Mole Sauce

  February is American Heart Month, a natural time to showcase heart-warming aphrodisiacs like chocolate, chilies, and garlic in traditional Mexican mole sauce. “Mole” comes from the Aztec word molli, which means stew or sauce. It is often made with cocoa or chocolate, ingredients the Aztecs embraced as aphrodisiacs. Chilies, members of the capsicum family, [...]

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Ayurveda for Valentine’s Day – 3 Aphrodisiac Recipes

Spicy Slices Walnuts, garlic, sage, and sesame are all renowned for their ability to strengthen staying power and stamina. They are also supportive ingredients to both prepare and to rebuild the body after a night (or more) of physical affection.   2 cups ground walnuts ½ cup grated carrots 1 cup green onions, chopped 1 [...]

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Herbed Raw Macadamia Cheese Balls

A variation of Herbed Almond Cheese from Raw Food For Dummies by Cherie Soria and Dan Ladermann  Yield: 3 servings       ½ cup Macadamia Cheese (see recipe below) 1 tablespoon light mellow miso 1 tablespoon chopped raw pine nuts 1 tablespoon finely minced red onion ½ tablespoon minced fresh parsley 1 teaspoon minced [...]

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