5 Potent Superfoods to Power up your Kitchen

by Julie Morris Superfoods are simply the most nutrient-dense, benefit-rich foods found in nature. Per calorie, these foods offer exceptionally high quantities of healthy goodness; and when you incorporate these special ingredients into recipes, they help you get the most goodness out of each and every bite you take. Superfoods are the perfect example of [...]

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How to Snack to Strengthen Brain Power

Many plant-based foods provide the essential high-quality fats, proteins/amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that your brain, like any organ, needs to function optimally. But which living-cuisine selections offer brain-boosting nutrients? Blueberries, dark leafy greens, broccoli, and avocados are dense in essential phytonutrients that feed your brain in small caloric packages. They also provide the enzymes [...]

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Yogi Food: Vegan Green Recipes

It’s Easy Being Green - try Vegan Green Recipes by Aaron Ash I’ve heard it said that every plant is a medicine for something, whether the healing quality comes from its beauty, flower, smell, root, bark, leaf, or seed. Plants, in their many varieties, forms, and preparations, assist with the holistic well-being of our physical, [...]

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Cool off with raw foods

Raw Food Summer Recipe Essentials: Soups, salads, and a raw fruit simple mousse As a passionate cook, raw food has always intrigued me; I love to experiment with new techniques, textures, and tastes. When I first discovered raw food years ago, I discovered that I was already practicing a 50 percent raw food lifestyle. I took [...]

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Put Some Honey on It

Yogi Food: The many benefits of adding high quality, organic honey into your diet.   The far most important element of raw food, or any food for that matter, is the sourcing of high quality, seasonal, local when possible, organic ingredients. Without them, you are already limiting your chances of preparing great, healthy food.  This is particularly [...]

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Serve Lust in Bed

Finger Foods for Supporting Sensuality Food and sex have long been correlated. Eating is sensual, after all. While no specific food will make you immediately remove your clothes, there are nutritional components in certain foods that make your body and organs perform better or worse—sex organs included. A few of our feel good faves that keep the body nice and juicy are: [...]

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Start Your Day with Strength for Breakfast

Start your Day with Strength: Enjoy Breakfast How you begin your day determines how you’ll feel the rest of the day. Take the time in the morning to energize and invigorate by nourishing your cells, blood, and brain. If you consume sugar, grease, caffeine, and excess dairy first thing in the morning, take some time [...]

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10 SuperStar Superfoods

  Health Begins within with Superfoods How can we be our healthiest and most peaceful self and to be a true contribution to our community and the world? By beginning within. The abundance of nature’s pharmacopeia is fast becoming a cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle, as more and more people embrace Hippocrates’ axiom, “Let thy medicine [...]

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Snack Smart: Maximize Your Child’s Nutrition

For families who choose fresh, local, and organic whole foods, kids’ snacking can easily derail all healthful good intentions. The market is inundated with prepackaged snacks for kids—usually filled with toxic ingredients like food coloring, added preservatives, and excessive amounts of sugar. Don’t fall prey to a snack attack! Use these great “snack smart” ideas [...]

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Superfood, Spice, and Everything Nice

“Everything old is new again” is popular, especially when it comes to nutrition and wellness. Every awesome “new” superfood, meditation technique, or healing modality, is something that ancient cultures have been using for hundreds, even thousands, of years. With the myriad challenges that modern life presents, it’s more important than ever to experiment with these [...]

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