Barry’s Bootcamp, Hollywood reminds us to push a little harder.


On Golden Globes Sunday I took a class at the newest Barry’s Bootcamp in Hollywood, located along the Walk of Fame where I thought I might spot a celebrity. Instead, I faced my own reflection which, after 10 minutes of intense cardio, was slick with sweat – or was I glowing? Under the red lights of the dimly lit room, I couldn’t be sure. But that’s the whole point of this fitness phenomenon – you work hard, look halfway decent doing it, and get hooked on the results.

Barry’s Bootcamp has evolved from one studio in West Hollywood to 21 locations across America, Norway, and the UK. The new 4,500-square-foot Hollywood flagship is the largest on the West Coast to date, with a shiny rectangular interior that reflects the brand’s formula of having one mirror-clad side lined with treadmills, and the rest of the space dedicated to floor exercises. Depending on the day, classes switch between cardio and reps that target the arms, abs, butt, chest and/or legs. Weekends focus on the whole body – my 60-minute session alternated 10-minute jog-run-sprints on the treadmill with arm weights, pushups, squats, and abs. Muscles quivered but there was no denying the endorphin high.

That day, I was surrounded by workout rock stars who never gave up. They reminded me to push a little harder, while Alex, the instructor, kept us in the zone with a hip-hop-plus-pop playlist. I hardly looked at my watch, the class moved so quickly. Watch out world, Barry’s Bootcamp might become my regular thing!

Single class: $28, packages available. Reserve classes at

6201 Hollywood Blvd, Suite 110, Hollywood CA 90028.