philkidsYear Two: Conscious Typhoon Relief

Fundraiser for the Philippines

“I will lay every brick, and sink every nail with love.” – Patrick Doles, EarthCoco Founder

As a global community, what we do to support our collective family worldwide has powerful effects, not only when it comes to hands-on efforts and fundraising, but also how we share sacred energy and intention.

Fifteen months have passed since the 2014 Super Typhoon Haiyan swept through the central Philippines, affecting 12.9 million people and leaving two million homeless. While $457 million was raised around the world, $301 million of that supported merely the first six months of recovery efforts. And there is still more work to be done in the county.

Recognizing our bonds across borders, last year, a few Filipino-American yogis realized that sacred energy as well as financial relief makes a difference. The eyes of the world were captured by the devastation, and for these yogis, awareness was drawn to caring for the earth and recognizing the rich diversity of this beautiful archipelago. To continue these efforts, Tiger Wave Yoga’s Natalie Macam is partnering with EarthCoco and the Mahasukha Center to host the second annual relief fundraiser to support the community school in East Samar, Philippines.

The intention of this event is to increase Philippine cultural appreciation through folk performances, educational presentations, indigenous Filipino-inspired music, and a lovingly crafted yoga practice led by seasoned Filipino-American teachers, Jenn Tamera and Amy Valdez.

Through practice, come together to lay down your mats and open your ears, arms, and hearts to send healing connections, increased consciousness, and the intention found in your breath—all to benefit the Philippines.

Saturday, March 21, 4:00 pm. Mahasukha Center, 6512 Arizona Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90045

Lay down your mats and open your ears, arms, and hearts to send healing connection, increased consciousness and breath—your breath—to the Philippines.

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By Christine Jugueta, a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and performance and yoga instructor who is the founder of Kapwa Yoga, inspired by Filipino spirit and the indigenous wisdom of the Philippines: