Adventures off the Mat: Elise Joan Visits the Santa Monica Farmers Market

Metaphorically, the natural renewal of Spring is an opportunity to join forces with Mother Nature to focus on rebirth.  Just as seeds break open in March to create growth, so can we emerge from the meditation and hibernation of Winter. We can begin refreshed and clear, without the heavy weight of that which no longer serves us. A clean slate.

On a more literal level, Spring is a natural time to focus on nourishing our bodies with healthy, clean foods. Eating in a way that fosters mental clarity, elevated energy, restful sleep, greater focus, and emotional stability is of the most significant choices we can make to treat our body as the temple for our souls.

To support this, I took a jaunt to one of my favorite California haunts: the Santa Monica Farmers Market. Simply walking through the market is an experience in mindful awareness: The scent of fresh flowers and lavender waft through the air, and colorful, decadent fruits and vegetables surround you on all sides.

Pick up your repurposed bag and practice nourishing your body — your heart and mind will undoubtedly follow. For more information visit the Santa Monica Farmers Markets website.

Elise Joan teaches yoga at Equinox and Exhale (among other locations). She created an online yoga/fitness site that lets you build and save your own yoga and workout playlists from 10 minutes to two hours.