Yoga On Location: Ione Skye with her dogs in her Laurel Canyon home.

Ione Skye with her dogs in her Laurel Canyon home


Ione Skye is best known as an actress in films such as Say Anything, River’s Edge, and Zodiac and the TV show Arrested Development. She has practiced Kundalini Yoga for about 20 years as part of her passion for connecting to her being and changing through work on herself. Throughout, her dogs have been frequent companions, “I’ve never been able to live for long without a dog in my life. These two dogs are very different, they are buddies that are always there.” She has had art shows in Los Angeles and Tokyo, including a joint show with Kim Gordon and Sofia Coppola. Ione also has directed short films and music videos and authored her first children’s book, My Yiddish Vacation, in 2014. She is happily raising two daughters, Kate and Goldie, in Laurel Canyon with her husband, musician Ben Lee.