The Route 66 Sign: The End of one trail is the beginning of another path.  For Brock, life begins at the edge of the ocean.

Yoga On Location: Brock Cahill, founder of Kurmalliance, in Vrscikasana on the Santa Monica pier.

Brock Cahill is wearing a shirt to support the ocean activism nonprofit Kurmalliance (Kurmalliance.Org).  He is the founder of Kurmalliance and teaches Yoga at Yogaworks, Yoga Salt, and Equinox.

David Young-Wolff loves to tell a story in a single frame. Never satisfied with the ordinary, he strives to creat exciting images with a unique twist. In addition to his assignments, he is currently working on two other projects. One is Coming to LA, which involves photographing people who have moved to LA from other countries. He is also shooting photos to illustrate an upcoming book, Navajo Mothers, Navajo Daughters.