Do Lab NightstandThree brothers, one vision.

The Flemming brothers; Dede and twins Jesse and Josh, are cofounders and architects of The Do LaB. With their largest festival –Lightning in a Bottle — set to light up Temecula July 11-15, the brothers are breaking new grounds in the festival world with their innovative vision. Here they share the story of three other pioneers that have influenced their work.

Losing My Virginity by Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson is a remarkable man who blazed his own trail and continues to prove that you can be enormously successful by breaking rules. Branson has built an empire from scratch and managed to overcome many difficulties along the way. We don’t necessarily always agree with his business practices or strategies; nonetheless, as small business owners trying to do things outside of the box, it’s a great inspiration. It is also inspiring to see the good he tries to do with his fame and fortune

The Soul of Money by Lynn Twist

Lynn has been a fundraiser for a variety of organizations for most of her life, helping to raise millions of dollars to support people in need. She has great insights about charity work, philanthropy, and how we treat money in our lives. While we’ve never felt super attached to money, we’ve also never put much consideration into our relationship with it. This is a thought-provoking book that will get you thinking twice about your attitude around how you earn, spend, and respect money. This is a book to read more than once to allow time for her ideas to sink in.

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins

John Perkins is essentially a whistleblower, telling the story of how big business and politics have been operating in the world for decades. It’s not pretty, which is extremely unfortunate, but greed has been plaguing humans for years and it’s almost in our nature. It’s inspiring to hear how Perkins breaks free from the work he’s carried out for decades and how he is now striving to create positive change in the world after so many years. If people like John can come around, there might be hope for the rest of the bad guys as well.

The Flemming brothers are unwinding from the Do LaB’s innovative Art Installation at Coachella and are prepping for the upcoming Lightning in a Bottle ( at Lake Skinner in Temecula, CA from July 11-15. For more information on their festivals, creative endeavors, educational efforts, and nonprofit foundation, visit

Vanessa Harris is graduate of Pepperdine University who completed her teacher training in India. Her experience includes writing, making malas or prayer beads, serving as an associate producer at Bhakti Fest, and contributing as the Editorial Coordinator at Bliss Network.