Festival Goers focuses on Festival Hangover Prevention Tips

Photo of Wanderlust High Camp by Adam Hawes


The festival hangover is that moment when you wake up on day two or three in your tent with symptoms similar to a hangover: Your body is aching and throbbing as if you have run not just one marathon, but a few back-to-back. It hurts to sit on your mat and your energy level is at all-time low. You feel that you need some serious support to drag your tired body, mind, and soul to your first class, and chocolate and coconut water become your friends. Fortunately, with a little pre-planning, there are some ways to prevent the festival hangover.

Festival Hangover Prevention Tips

Be Selective

Festivals are soul family gatherings where we get to see and connect to our heart family. Community connection is one of my biggest values so I’ve overloaded in the past. Choose wisely and decide which events resonate the most.

Choose Fun

We’re super stoked for all the fabulous teachers who happen to be scheduled back-to-back, leaving us rushing from one class to another. Rushing does not allow our body and mind to fully integrate all the information. We’re short-changing our savasana when we rush from class to class.
Be careful of falling into the mentality of, “I must get my money’s worth!” which can be overwhelming. Festivals are abundant in experience, connection, healing, learning, and celebration; so ask yourself, “Am I choosing fun and ease? Or I am choosing stress and rush?”
Enjoy the experiences in the sweet pauses between classes. We go to festivals for the overall experiences and soul connections we make.

Balance Balance Balance

There is a fine art to creating balance when it comes to designing the ultimate festival experience. I like to tune into my body, mind, and spirit to see if I need some restoration or some time to wildly dance it out. Be honest with yourself when you check in so you can nurture yourself.
Think about striking a balance between music and classes during the day. If your favorite group is jamming at night and you know you’ll be shaking your booty, you might want more laid-back classes during the day such as sound healing, meditation, or restorative so you won’t be wiped out when night comes.


What we choose to put in our bodies can make or break our experience. Decide if you are looking for a more indulgent vacation or are you seeking transformation? You’ll need supportive food and beverages. Pack some of your own snacks and select meals well.
Some of my festival food faves include:

  • Avocado is a fast and easy meal that travels well.
  • Seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, or sesame) are a great tasty and lightweight protein source.
  • Raw crackers and kale chips provide crunch and salt replenishment.
  • Green powder makes instant green juice. (My fave is by Dragon Herbs).
  • Chia seeds nourish the body from the inside with protein and omegas. Combine with coconut milk, spice, and stevia and shake in a Mason jar for a light breakfast.
  • Cucumbers are hydrating and refreshing, I buy the long English cucumbers for snacking.



While many festivals have water stations or bottled water available, it may not be as good as spring water. If BYO spring water isn’t an option, I recommend adding trace minerals and a prayer of intention.

Step Away

Being in festival bubble with hundreds or thousands of other beings and their energy can be exhausting. If you wake up energetically drained and you didn’t stay up too late the night before, you may be experiencing an empathic overload. Just step away for a moment to reconnect. Try taking some time in the morning to meditate, do your own practice, bathe or swim, or perhaps take a drive into town and explore a local café for breakfast. The break away from the festival bubble can reset and recharge you.

Connect and Celebrate

Choose love and honor so we may have memorable experience experience without the hangover!

Here are some of my favorite festivals to say yes to:

Wanderlust’s mission is to create an experience for you to find your
true self. As they describe it, “Our mission is to help you find your True North — to cultivate your best self. your true north.”
Vibe: Yoga by Day, Party at Night.
Bhakti Fest
Are singing and dancing food your soul? If the answer is yes, then Bhakti is a festival to say yes to. Bhakti Yoga is the practice of devotion, of opening your heart to the divine, the great mystery. Some people call it the universe. The explosive feeling of love at Bhakti is known as the bhav. There are neither alcohol nor drugs as part of the scene here; everyone is high in the bhav.
Vibe: Spiritual Love Fest
Beloved is a charming festival tucked away in an enchanted forest in
Oregon where participants gather by a fire to pray and set intentions that flow throughout the entire festival. From the reusable plate token system to the compostable toilets, it demonstrates what is possible in terms of eco-consciousness.
Vibe: Cosmic Soul Family in an Enchanted Forest
Bali Spirit
If you need an excuse to go to Bali, this is the one. The setting alone supports this epic festival. The land’s high vibration provides the container for a transformational experience that includes everything from cacao ceremonies to yoga to breathwork journeys.
Vibe: Balinese Magic

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