30Fifteen Studio wellness center provides yoga, Reiki, massage therapy and other conscious offerings in Venice. 

The 30Fifteen Studio is nestled in a residential neighborhood in Venice. The studio was founded by UK native Emily Tonkin, who came to the US in 2014 to share her tennis wear apparel line “30Fifteen”.  Named for the tennis score where the server is ahead but needs to stay focused on the goal it reflects the positive mindset and message Emily wants to share within the brand.

After creating a series of pop-up shops in California, Emilys vision to grow her business was through a wellness center. Emily tells us, It became clear to me that not only did we need to find a headquarters for the 30Fifteen brand, but also a space to nurture a community of health, wellness, fitness, and like-minded people. Its much more than just selling clothes; we are driven by the phraseFeel good, look good.

The studio is cozy and warm with exposed brick walls, lofty ceilings, dramatic drapes, and sunny natural light. Much like the boutique brand “30Fifteen”, which is not found in department stores, Emily wanted to create an intimacy that feels safe and inviting. She says, LA is such a big city its easy to feel lonely. This city is also very transient so I wanted to offer a space where people can feel part of a community.

Not only does 30Fifteen Studio offer both yoga and Yogalates on a daily basis, it also offers health and wellness events and workshops, as well as a wide assortment of holistic modalities and conscious offerings including massage therapy, Reiki, and angel cards. Also located on the property is “One Roof”, a shared workspace for female entrepreneurs to support ideas beyond inspiration to realization.



1336 Electric Ave, First Floor Studio, Venice, CA, 90291


By Natalie Macam, a yoga teacher who teaches locally at Agoura Power of Yoga and Malibu Beach Yoga: tigerwaveyoga.com