Create Yoga Studio Space

Tranquility. This is the feeling evoked when you first walk into Create Yoga in Santa Monica. Maybe it’s because parking was a breeze (there are spaces in the shopping center and on Santa Monica Boulevard), maybe it’s because the floor is painted the shade of turquoise you would see in the ocean around the islands of Tahiti, or maybe it’s that the floating fabric ceiling design reminds you of clouds—with sweet fairy star lights that twinkle on at just the right moment in savasana.

Details like this matter to the trifecta of Create Yoga co-founders Selah Estrada, Jennifer Block, and Marissa Scheerer. Everything about the studio has been created with blood, sweat, and soul including original touches such as a custom front desk and creative cubbies in the asana room. These are only some pieces of their model of a community-driven and community-run studio.

At Create Yoga, the emphasis is on encouraging the teachers to cultivate a movement within a movement when it comes to sharing yoga. It’s community driven. Cofounder Selah Estrada says, “Teachers lead their students in their own art form, and connect with the students form a giving place that is selfless.”

When I took class with Marissa Scheerer, she molded the class to the students’ needs and desires. She asked us what we needed and very descriptive, bringing us back to the basics that are the keys to the practice of yoga. ??Create Yoga offer six classes a day with 26 teachers and it’s growing from there. In addition to ongoing classes, the studio has a number of monthly special events along with workshops, hikes, potlucks, candlelit classes, and organized beach clean ups.  One of Create Yoga’s great feel-good events is First Friday, a donation-based yoga class set to a DJ spinning tracks; proceeds support select nonprofits on a rotating basis. Stay tuned for more in the works including retreats, teacher trainings, and networking events.

2828 Santa Monica Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Jeannie Jeffries is an international hair and makeup artist based in Venice who loves yoga, working out, and dogs.