Wish Room at Be Crystal Clear

Creativity, Consciousness, and Crystals at Be Crystal Clear

A new incarnation of wellness has arrived in Santa Monica. Be Crystal Clear is a studio and event space on Broadway created by owner Sugar Panbehchi. A visual treat of intricate murals on the facade and adorning the walls within have been painted by Mari Pavanelli and Brian Farrell, artists that provided imagery of creativity and consciousness. Then there are the innumerable hand-selected crystals. One cannot help but be taken with all the shining potency on display and for purchase. This is Sugar’s powerful yet delicate touch, her vast knowledge of healing, her attention to detail. I attended a breathwork and sound bath on a Monday evening, a great way to behold this space, the offerings, and its glittering greatness in twilight.

Be Crystal Clear Doorway

What struck me as the class began is Sugar’s love for the individuals who come to Be Crystal Clear. She is unconditional with her words, eyes contact and soft smile. This provides an embrace of trust as one goes into the breathwork, which truly is work, before relaxing us into restoration of sound with crystal bowls carefully chosen from a maker in Utah. It’s crystal clear that Sugar’s background of mind/body/spirit healing is thoughtful, intentional. She shares with us what she adores and it shows.

Sugar at Be Crystal Clear

Sugar has created something worthy of awe, being careful stewards to the space. Classes offered are always changing yet focused on movement, stillness and sound. The depth of experience held by Sugar shows in every nook and cranny, like the textured stairs that feel like beach sand below your toes on the way up to the children’s area and her private healing room. I recommend to anyone looking for a safe place to dance, stretch, and rest come see/feel what is available here.

Visit Be Crystal Clear

Be Crystal Clear, 719 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90401