Happy Baby family studio in El Segundo Yoga Wellness LA YOGA
Happy Baby family studio co-founders Erin Fagerlind and Brandi Sharkey wanted to provide for the needs of young families and parents-to-be in El Segundo and its neighboring communities. The studio gives the community a space for mindful parenting and a range of offerings, including yoga, to support the entire family.

Following the birth of her child, former attorney Erin Fagerlind found herself driving around LA searching for yoga and other classes, resources, and community before she returned to work. Once she was back in the office, it was almost impossible for her to find relevant programs for parents that fit into her schedule. Her biggest challenge was spending time with her child while maintaining her own balance. The solution: Happy Baby.

Happy Baby family studio in El Segundo has a holistic approach to wellness with yoga, movement, mindfulness, music, and parenting education in a supportive and open environment. Erin Fagerlind says, “I wanted to make it accessible and flexible in terms of early-morning and later evening programming. I wanted to create a place where you could actually get a good workout and take your child, a place where children are always welcome. It was really important to me to offer a studio that helps parents feel comfortable, where they know it’s ok for their child to explore in a safe environment.”

In addition to yoga, Happy Baby also offers a wide variety of prenatal workshops and birth classes, support and resource groups for new parents, mindful parenting toddler groups, parent education workshops, one-on-one parent consultations, a robust referral network of pregnancy and family wellness professionals, as well as a number of other special programs.

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