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Sister and brother duo Susan and Nick Marrufo recently opened their brick-and-mortar-dream-come-true studio in Echo Park. They combined their desire to create a safe space for self-inquiry with the reach of their imagination. Samarasa Center offers yoga, Pilates, meditation, study groups, and community gatherings – all influenced by Susan’s teacher, Sri Prem Baba. A humanitarian and spiritual master, “Baba is the pillar of this place.” He personally blessed the newest yoga and Pilates studio to hit LA’s East Side, as Samarasa will serve to be a center for Baba’s teachings.

Samarasa Center Class

Upcoming Workshops at Samarasa Center

Samarasa has an impressive line-up of world-renowned teachers in the upcoming workshop and training schedule. For example, author and Tantrik scholar Christopher Hareesh Wallis offers intellectual discourse in June. Tibetan Buddhist teacher, Emmy-award-winning composer and musician (also a Krishna Das band member) David Nichtern will lead a mindfulness meditation teacher training this summer. And Jovinna Chan graces Samarasa in July to teach meditative movement and dance. Later this year, Samarasa co-owner Susan Marrufo offers her six-week course on Yoga, Sex, and Death, a deep dive into the tapestry of intimacy with Self.

Samarasa Center Grand Opening

Transformation and the Multi-Dimensional Self

Students can visit Samarasa Center to take group or private Pilates sessions or yoga classes, as well as specialty workshops or meditation teacher trainings. Samarasa offers physical, mental, and spiritual practices for the multi-dimensional self. Susan says that the center is a space “to drop the mask and do the deep work” of self-realization and transformation. “We have it all,” says Susan, “and it’s all done well.”

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