Cue the lights, camera, and call action to welcome an innovative new Hollywood yoga studio in Los Angeles.

Set and Flow Yoga, founded by Seth Manheimer, a man with a Master’s degree in Film Directing, tells his version of the age-old “this is my story” through this brick and mortar monolith where yoga meets fitness meets club vibe. Located just a stone’s throw from the Hollywood Walk of Fame at the corner of La Brea and Hollywood Boulevards,, every aspect of Set and Flow exudes the elements of a successful film, from the soundtrack, to the lighting (candles for mood in the Hot Yoga space with state of the art LED color therapy lighting in the other rooms), to cultivating rapport with the audience—or in this case—with the students.

“We believe that yoga is not just something you do but something that can be practiced across all movement disciplines.”

The self-proclaimed “Chris Farley of Yoga,” Seth set out to craft a studio to welcome a diverse group of urban yogis — truly accessible for beginners and challenging enough to test the metal of even the most robust Los Angeleno. According to the studio’s mission statement, “We believe that yoga is not just something you do but something that can be practiced across all movement disciplines.”

Set and Flow Yoga offers a workout for every temperament, mood, and musical styling, with a full-scale schedule packed with nearly 100 classes per week (and growing!) including Barefoot Bootcamp, Cannonball Yoga Sculpt, Kettlebells, Battle Ropes Express, TRX, Pilates, Yin, Hot Barre, and Hot Flow. Every Tuesday night, Seth channels his former nightclub DJ self for his signature “Seth and Flow;” it is a Hot Power Flow class set to music sure to make you move.

The studio offers yogis, fitness aficionados, and movement enthusiasts not only a great sweat, but also a dose of yoga philosophy. “Yoga is not just Warrior I and Warrior II,” says Seth; he includes the Yamas and Niyamas while playing Deep House. This studio, like any great Cheers episode where everybody knows your name, invites you to come have an experience, sit at the bar, order kombucha on tap, and promises that you’ll always be glad you came.


Set and Flow Yoga

1619 N La Brea Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90028


Marja Lankinen
Marja Lankinen, founder and CEO of Yoga for Dancers, is a yoga therapist and commercial dancer in Los Angeles and travels the globe teaching yoga and meditation: