In-Trinity Dojo in Santa Barbara Johnny G LA YOGA

The studio space at In-Trinity Dojo in Santa Barbara is bright, airy, and invokes the centered feeling cultivated by the practice.

According to the team at In-Trinity, a dojo is a “sanctuary that nurtures mind-body transformation.” The Santa Barbara In-trinity Dojo definitely fulfills this description.

In-Trinity is the latest paradigm-shifting mind-body-spirit transformational exercise developed by Spinning trailblazer Johnny G. He spent years collaborating with the engineers at Matrix Fitness to fine-tune the method’s signature In-Trinity Board. The Board allows people to be challenged in their workout on a slanted surface that allows them to utilize the negative space beneath and around the board to access body movements in new shapes and directions. The Santa Barbara Dojo is created and conceived by Johnny and his wife, interior designer Jodi G.

From the moment you walk through the doors of the showpiece studio in downtown Santa Barbara’s Paseo Neuvo walking mall, you feel the effects of the dojo’s immersive experience. The Dojo is a sweet sanctuary for mind, body, and soul. Every detail is exquisite—from the absolutely gorgeous design elements, to the items in the carefully curated lifestyle boutique, to the mindful classes.

Two different class formats are offered. Restorative Energy-Yin offers movement with a focused pace, concentrating on stabilization and activation of intrinsic muscles. The more challenging Energy-Yang class offers movement through 5 aspects of the In-Trinity system of agility, balance, coordination, flexibility, and strength. As Johnny G said, “We’ve all been training on a flat surface our entire lives.” In-Trinity redefines the training environment because the slanted surface allows some movements to become more accessible, while other movements can become more challenging, allowing the practitioner to experience a greater depth with the unique potential of a new relationship with solid ground.

I loved the entire experience of the In-Trinity Dojo. You can feel the love and energy that built and continues to thrive in the dojo. After any time spent here, you feel restored and energized.

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Visit the In-Trinity Dojo, 311 Paseo Nuevo, Santa Barbara, California
For more information, call 877-816-1671 or visit