Yoga NoHo Owners

Photo of Rudy-Mirkovich and Karen Russell from Yoga NoHo by Hello June Films


North Hollywood is currently living a renaissance of revitalization and reinvention. New restaurants, food trucks, vegan pop-ups, and juice bars crop up daily in this walkable section of a driving-centric city. While Yoga NoHo is not new to the neighborhood, this bustling indoor smorgasbord of wellness is under new management. In Fall 2017, former professional dancers Michelle Rudy-Mirkovich and Karen Russell took on the task of revitalizing the Yoga NoHo holistic wellness center and yoga studio.

Yoga NoHo and Community Building

Michelle found her modus operandi was authentic community building. “I’ve been to a million studios in Los Angeles, and I was always looking for community. A lot of studios would talk about that, but I would be there for a year and the teacher didn’t know my name or people would take class and leave right away. When this opportunity [to take on ownership] came my way, the students were talking to me, and the teachers knew my name. I thought ‘Oh, this is what I’m looking for.’ This is what the previous owner had built.”

Yoga NoHo and Collaboration

At Yoga NoHo, Michelle is collaborating with her friend and fellow dancer of 30 years, Karen Russell. The two of them met on their first Broadway audition. Since then they’ve lived the rock ’n roll life and made the transition to yoga. In the entertainment world, Michelle’s credits include A Chorus Line The Movie, The Big Lebowski, The Bodyguard, and touring with Cher. Karen has danced with legends including Madonna, Bette Midler, Michael Jackson, and Alice Cooper.

The Throughline is Kindness

The two of them intend to create a safe space without the frills, bells, and whistles of branding. With teachers from Anusara, Vinyasa Flow, fitness, Yin, and Restorative backgrounds, the throughline is kindness. “All of our teachers are so different. All are so loving,” says Karen. With Yoga NoHo’s intentionally small class sizes, students receive a personalized experience with their teacher and a community that they craft together.

Yoga NoHo and Wellness

In addition to yoga, Yoga NoHo features an in-house chiropractor, hypnotherapist, naturopath, and massage therapist. Studio members receive discounts on Yoga NoHo’s menu of services. With offers like $30 for two weeks and $59 for one month, Karen remarks, “We have the best prices in town!” For a studio that offers a personalized approach to health and wellness, that is more than one good deal.

Where to Find Yoga NoHo

Yoga NoHo
5257 Vineland Ave, North Hollywood



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