Mindfulness coach Donny Starkins

CEOs Need Mindfulness Daily

The idea of mindfulness – practicing being aware of each moment, decision and action and how it relates to a healthier and more fulfilling life, has gained significant traction over recent years. More and more people are understanding the lifestyle benefits correlated to mindfulness.   And as Americans get back into their routine, there’s an emergence of adoption for the practice among an unlikely demographic – high-performing male CEOs, athletes and executive performers.

With a cultural perspective shift that has resulted from the pandemic, the power of living life intentionally is more evident than ever. Many wellness coaches are seeing an uptick in enrollment from executives, professional athletes and other high-profile career fields to learn more about mindfulness and find ways to incorporate the practice into their routines.

Donny Starkins: Passionate about Sharing Mindfulness

One such Los Angeles-based wellness coach meeting the needs of an expanded clientele is Donny Starkins. The former Division 1 athlete (baseball) made his own career building on the principles of his journey with wellness and sobriety. He has built a network of clients through his signature approach to personal development and mindfulness coaching. Starkins is seeing an increased interest from existing and new clients on the philosophies of yoga and mindfulness.

“There is still a core misunderstanding that mindfulness only applies to certain situations and this couldn’t be farther from the truth. I’m passionate about sharing the benefits of mindfulness and working with clients to identify the areas they can invest in their overall wellness – no matter their background.”

Cultural Conversations around Mental Health and Mindfulness Coaching

Starkins finds that there isn’t a one-size fits all approach to mindfulness. Many clients begin with his signature program “The Shift,” and then layer in additional practices, meditations and thought-processes to address the needs of each top performer. Starkins finds that the biggest challenge is having male clients initiate the need for coaching. This is happening more and more often due to increased conversations about mental health stigmas. “Society is redefining self-care – and it’s encouraging to see that men are now being encouraged to participate in these conversations. To be honest about what they need and be vulnerable enough to seek the life they desire through the hard work of self-discovery. Mindfulness isn’t solely about the destination but the journey and I love seeing my clients fully,” said Starkins.

Mindfulness: Popular Because it Works!

Mindfulness is not a new concept to the health and wellness industry, but it is one that has gained popularity due to its sincerity and overall benefits to those that practice. Whether it’s through dedicated meditation time, yoga, reflection or prayer, when you approach your life with a mindful attitude, you realize the interconnection of the universe and how everything fits in place. As that understanding grows, you feel a deeper connection and understanding for where you are in this moment.

Mindfulness coaching is created through calm, focused instruction which shares a lot of similarities with yoga. By highlighting peaceful energy that makes even the most difficult scenarios possible to work through, mindfulness practice creates an overall connected, grounded and inspired experience for all areas of personal development.

“The principles of yoga are proven to benefit the mind, body and soul. And I’m unable to be my best self on any day in which I’m not mindfully observing and sharing these principles that guide my life. I firmly believe my mission is to share this collective wisdom throughout the communities that I am a part of – everyone, no matter what their age, location or socioeconomic status – can benefit from learning about yoga,” said Starkins.

As the adoption of mindfulness continues to increase, there will be no shortage of opportunities to connect and share with those that are on their wellness journey. We’d love to hear about your experience with mindfulness and how it has positively impacted your life. To learn more about Donny Starkins Visit www.DonnyStarkins.com.

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Stay informed and inspired with the best of the week in Los Angeles, etc. and more ...

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