Randi Ragan gives readers a new sense of purpose in her book, A Year of Living Mindfully. 

As someone who has always felt the deepest peace when immersed in nature and found beauty in considering everyday actions as divine rituals, this book had me at the first page.

At its heart, A Year of Living Mindfully guides people to find their divine nature in daily actions, to connect to the natural world’s seasonal transitions, and to live in rhythm with nature. The central, organizing principle is inspired by the Medicine Wheel, an ancient Native American symbol.   

Ragan guides readers to understand the full arc of nature’s seasonal cycles and offers suggestions on living in accordance with the greater rhythms of the universe. She includes well-informed advice and stories drawn from ancient and spiritual traditions as well as instructions on how to implement these ideals through journaling exercises, guided meditations, rituals, recipes, yoga practices, herbal healing, aromatherapy, nutrition, natural beauty, self-care, sustainable home living, and community activism.

One of the topics I loved the most was Ragan’s exploration of how everyday tasks can have deeply meaningful purpose: feeding and nurturing our bodies, minds, spirits, and souls can be an art. The author’s suggestions are full of inspirations for each of us to develop our own unique sense of style, routine, and rhythm.  

In A Year of Living Mindfully Ragan says, “Treating each day as an opportunity for sacred and holy ritual and immersing ourselves in rituals of holistic living are central endeavors in the pursuit of a more meaningful life.”  

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