Heart of Miracles Book Cover

Karen Henson Jones debuts her memoir, Heart of Miracles

Transformation is the theme of the tale Karen Henson Jones relays in her debut memoir Heart of Miracles, that follows seven meaningful years of her life. Karen is a yoga teacher as well as a graduate of both Cornell and London Business School; she began questioning her life. A near death experience, brought on by a botched heart surgery at the age of 30 is the catalyst for her journey.

After a series of additional emergency surgeries, Karen is weak, sick, and unable to recognize herself. Death adjacent, she begins to ask questions and seek answers: What is our purpose? Is God responsible for teaching us lessons when hardships strike? How do we live authentic lives? After a rigorous and tumultuous period of rehabilitation at her parents’ home in Virginia, Karen travels to India, Italy, and Bhutan. And ultimately, she goes to Israel to trace the footsteps and teachings of Jesus Christ (whom she envisioned during and after her near death experience).

Along the way, Karen examines meditation, medical science, holistic doctors, yoga, reincarnation, and spirituality. She is a convincing voice for fate, destiny, the law of attraction, and the power of miracles. Prepare to be humbled and inspired; Karen Henson Jones has a heart of gold and a story worth reading. Her powerful example will allow readers to release distractions or unfulfilling lifestyles. Gift this book to anyone looking for their own miracles.

Reviewed by Kathleen Davis, a contributing writer for LA Yoga Magazine.