Two Sides of Chris Grosso Play out in the Indie Spiritualist

Author Chris Grosso is a musician covered in tattoos. A recovering addict well-versed in what it means to look inside oneself and be at peace.

Indie Spiritualist is divided into “sides;” an homage to Grosso’s musical roots.

The stories in “Side A: Angels of Darkness (The Words, The Ways)” showcase how Grosso found his understanding of spirituality. He shares raw tales of blackouts and relapses and how he began writing music for savasana before he even knew what it was. Grosso’s style is refreshing: “Honestly, all bullshit aside, it doesn’t matter if I’m some uber yogi—or whatever else: a cave monk in Thailand, a priest in the Vatican, or the Dalai Lama himself. You and I are equally as connected to this Collective Consciousness, regardless of the way we choose to pursue it (or even not pursue it), because we already are It.

“Side B: Demons of Light (Meditations, Practices, and Eclectic Multimedia Suggesttions)” focuses on practices. Grosso explains types of meditations offering step-by-step guidance and discusses art, yoga, music, journaling, books, and prayer and shares what specifically inspires him. Both Sides include QR codes and links to Grosso’s original music.

Grosso’s parting words sum up his message: “I really didn’t want to end this on a cliche note, but fuck it; it really is like Gandhi said: We can be the change we wish to see in the world… This. Shit. Is. Doable.” Grosso can be found at: