Denise Weisner

How to Cultivate Passion and Fertility

Denise Wiesner’s new book Conceiving with Love will change the way you think about sex. It is a whole-body approach to creating intimacy, reigniting passion, and increasing fertility.

Although this book was specifically written for couples who have been trying to conceive through natural means and using Western reproductive technologies like In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), all readers will learn new techniques to enhance intimacy with themselves and their partners.

What makes this book special is the plethora of Eastern practices that help move and balance energy so that partners can connect authentically and bring spirituality back to love-making.

Sometimes couples lose their loving connection and need to find ways to reignite the flame they had when they first met. Conceiving with Love delineates all of the obstacles that hinder authentic connections, and then provides solutions, practices, and resources to overcome them.


Good Sex Comes from a Loving Connection

Denise Wiesner, founder of the Natural Healing and Acupuncture Clinic in West Los Angeles, is a recognized practitioner specializing in the Whole Systems Traditional Chinese Medicine approach to health, sexuality, and fertility. Since 1994, she has treated and helped women manage challenges regarding sexuality and fertility. Using a combination of acupuncture, diet and lifestyle counseling, nutritional supplements and Chinese herbs, Ms. Wiesner has helped thousands of couples navigate the tricky and often stressful journey towards getting pregnant. All while increasing their loving connection.

Book Cover Conceiving with Love

For Conceiving with Love, Ms. Wiesner travelled around the world to interview leading experts. The exhaustive group includes Western reproductive endocrinologists, urologists, gynecologists, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners as well as Tantra experts, trauma experts, qigong teachers, Taoist practitioners, kink educators, sex toy manufacturers, yoga practitioners, Feng Shui experts, Buddhist and Hindu authorities, mindfulness practitioners, psychologists, authors, sexologists, and sacred sexuality workshop leaders.

Her secrets to how couples thrive tap into the Taoist inner smile practice, the eye-gazing during love-making practice, partner breath work, and many others.

Extremely well-researched and well-written, this heartfelt, comprehensive yet practical book will enhance the life of anyone who was ever interested in either procreational and non-procreational sex.