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Energy Medicine Yoga: Book Review by Lauren Walker

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The principles of energy medicine have the ability to amplify the healing power of your yoga practice. As Lauren Walker, master teacher and expert student of energy medicine, describes in this easy-to-read yet profound guidebook, energy moves in patterns. Energy forms habits. Energy is affected by thoughts, environment, and the people around us. We are all comprised of energy and connected by a unified energy field. By directly addressing the energy field of the body through practice, we can refine our yoga practice to more effectively support our health and well-being.

The book combines detailed yet relatable discussions of our vital life force along with techniques for healing, including our chakra system, and how we are affected by the disruptive effects of trauma, and how we can use techniques combined with intention and targeted yoga practice to realign the body and recover from past or present shock and trauma.

Some of the most powerful aspects of Energy Medicine Yoga include detailed posture series combining asana with energy medicine, such as the Empowered Warrior Series and Three Warrior Vinyasa. These link the subtleties of energy medicine practice with embodied asana to heal mind and body simultaneously.

The techniques in Energy Medicine Yoga can help change your relationship to your past and dramatically transform your physical and emotional health in the present.

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Reviewed by Krishna Khalsa, a yoga teacher and intuitive who leads sadhana at Yoga West on Friday mornings.