Why Not Me ?!? Book Cover

Stacy Small, is a luxury travel expert and founder of Elite Travel International. She was inspired to write Why Not Me ?!? 12 Lessons a Year on an Island Taught Me About Living My Dreams, and How You Can Live Yours Too, in order to relate the lessons she learned as she cultivated her joyful dream life. These epiphanies followed her spiritual journey while living on Maui for a year, where she was healing from the devastating deaths of both of her parents. After spending three years living near Kapalua, Maui, I can personally attest to Maui being a healing island. The aloha spirit is radiant and comforting.

Why Not Me ?!? book cover

Sharing Real World Discoveries Away from the Real World

This book is a compilation of 12 lessons, each shared in individual chapters. Cleverly, she pairs the titles of the chapters with recommended songs. Throughout, Stacy examines what she discovered while taking that year off from the “real world.” One of those lessons is the importance of letting go of fear to create abundance.

For much of her life, Stacy was an overachiever and people-pleaser who constantly sought external validation, approval, and perfection, believing they would boost her self-worth. Through this book, she empowers others to follow their heart’s desire, regardless of societal and family pressures.

Positive Affirmations on the Path of Success

Her message resonates with me, as I believe in the importance of manifesting authentic, heart-centered dreams and desires, regardless of community expectations. Stacy shares that living a fearless life, combined with positive affirmations and a deep self-care regimen, is the key to her current life success. She also values the importance of not feeling obliged or pressured to attend all sorts of events, instead focusing on rest and relaxation when needed to foster health and well-being.

Forgiveness, Rescue Dogs, and Openness to Love

Stacy declares the importance of forgiveness. She states that forgiveness is the key to moving forward through forgiving both yourself and everyone else. Throughout the book, she reveals how rescuing dogs has provided her with unconditional love and endless gratitude. One of her key takeaways is the importance of keeping your heart open to love of all kinds.

Why Not Me ?!? Live Your Dreams

My favorite quote in Why Not Me ?!? is her mantra, “Hope. Faith. Peace. Love. Do what you love. Live where you love. Live your dreams.”